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Ballmer talks down Android and Apple iOS

In a recent interview Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has talked down the threat from other mobile platforms including Google's Android and Apple's iOS on its own Windows Phone platform. The interview was conducted by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and Ballmer said that Google's mobile platform is “wild,” “uncontrolled” and relatively open to malware.

In Ballmer's terms, Apple's iOS is a near opposite of Android, calling it “high priced” and “highly controlled”. Seemingly Ballmer sees Microsoft and Windows Phone as a middle of the road offering, providing the best of both options.

On pure numbers Ballmer cannot talk down the rivals too much, Windows Phone currently trails behind Android and iOS by significant margins and even the struggling BlackBerry. However, with the launch of Windows Phone 8 with some strong hardware should vault the platform into third place.

KitGuru says: Fair points Mr Ballmer, let's just hope Windows Phone increases in popularity over the next few months.

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