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New MySpace launches private beta

MySpace has today taken one more step towards its relaunch, letting a select group of users have access to its revamped features in a closed beta, that will be used to test the public’s reactions to new features and iron out any potential bugs or issues with them.

This is the first real update we’ve heard from the long standing social network since September, where a reveal trailer gave us an idea of what we could expect from the service. It’s going in a new direction, one that’s part career portfolio, part music listening service. The site as a whole features a music player that lets you have songs playing from MySpace’s millions and millions of tracks, as well as profile music for individual people.

New MySpace
Trying to access the New MySpace without an invite gets you this at the moment

While there are still social aspects similar to those found on sites like Facebook and Twitter, ultimately it looks like MySpace is trying to differentiate itself instead of competing. According to TechRadar, it’s styling itself as a creative hub of sorts, where photographers, musicians and other artists can all congregate, share ideas and their own creations in a self promoting and collaborative way.

The “new” MySpace is set for a worldwide availability sometime in early 2013, though an official release date has yet to be given.

KitGuru Says: Is there a chance any of you would setup a MySpace profile with its new features? Perhaps you’re bored of Facebook and want something a bit different? Let us know below.

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