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Google postpones retail launch of the Nexus Q

When the Nexus Q was unveiled at Google I/O in late June it was met with a mixed response. While some liked the idea of a neat looking media streamer dedicated to Google’s platform, it received a lot of negative feedback for being basically useless for anything more advanced.

Due to the rather poor feedback from developers and early press reviews Google has suspended the launch of the Nexus Q until further notice so when it does reemerge, it can “do even more than it does today.”

However, for those that were really desperate to get their hands on Google’s rather limited and expensive media streamer those that pre-ordered will get a development one (like the units given out at Google I/O) free of charge.

KitGuru says: Expect the Nexus Q to return in a few months with greater functionality and hopefully a lower price point.

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