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HTC announces a small phone for a big phone

There is no doubt that as we enter the year where smartphones with 5 inch, 1080p displays will dominate the marketplace; the point where devices are just too large is about to be tested even further. With the Butterfly, HTC will sell the HTC Mini alongside it in China. The Mini is a dumb-phone-like accessory for the larger device that connects through NFC and Bluetooth.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF8fVl32AHU']

The Mini will be able to be used to place calls, check text messages, check up on notifications and as a remote to interact with the Butterfly when it is connected to a HDTV or to trigger the phone's camera shutter. Think of it as a phone to a phone for those who just find the 5 inch Butterfly too large to take out for basic tasks.

KitGuru says: HTC seems to be onto a good idea with the Mini as it does appear to confront many issues some may have with larger smartphones. However, we believe it would be better suited for tablets instead.

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