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Apple rumoured to be releasing 128GB iPad

According to 9to5Mac Apple may be releasing a new super high capacity iPad with 128GB of onboard flash memory. My sources in Taipei were unable to confirm the rumor, although they had heard it.

Increasing the memory to 128GB would double the current capacity. We can only guesstimate a pricing based on flash prices although Apple may land a better deal buying in massive bulk.

The new iPad will ship in black and white colours with wifi and wifi and mobile options. Educational organisations should be able to buy them in 10 pack discount bundles.

Developers have already found code in iOS 6.1 which points to 128 gigabyte iOS devices and there are references to 128GB storage in Apple’s iTunes 11 release. Apple obviously will not confirm rumours.

Kitguru says: A 128GB iPad would prove popular among media junkies who are regularly on the move.

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