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LG proves 5-inch 1080p mobile displays are possible

LG isn't the sort to sit back and be content with Samsung leading the mobile display evolution, today announcing their latest – perhaps even over the top – accomplishment. LG Display has today introduced a Full HD mobile display, complete with over 2 million pixels packed into a 5 inch screen.

The PPI count for this ridiculous display is 440 PPI.  This result is more than double that of last generation flagship displays (referencing the HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S II) and also 40% greater compared to the already impressive display found on the HTC One X.

LG Display has managed to pack over 2 million pixels into a 5 inch display

So why is LG doing this exactly? Because it allows “smartphone users to view Full HD content in the same quality as on TVs and monitors, LG Display and its new panel significantly advances the cloud computing experience widely considered the next major internet trend.” However, we're not too sure about the whole cloud computing thing; or the video quality – the pixels on current displays are packed close enough as it is.

The display is based around the AH-IPS display technology which according to LG offers true colour representation, wide viewing angles and quick refresh rates. It also brings with it a brighter backlight and lower power consumption, though no comparisons are made. If all of this turns out to be true we're in for a treat in the second half of the year when it becomes available.

KitGuru says: An impressive feat from LG, no doubt about that, but we're not too sure that we need Full HD smartphone displays just yet – how about better battery life first?

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