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Nokia survey reveals possible Windows Phone 7.8 features

With Windows Phone 7.8 currently rumoured for an early 2013 release following the launch of Windows Phone 8, we are gradually starting to get a better idea of what features Microsoft will include in the watered-down version of its flagship mobile platform.

We have known for quite a while now that Windows Phone 7.8 will gain the new homescreen experience with different sized Live Tiles and this Nokia customer feedback survey could have just revealed more features coming to Windows Phone 7.8. Other features could include improved lockscreen security, the Bing image of the day wallpaper, more theme colour options.

More features that will likely be exclusive to Nokia's Lumia handsets will include Bluetooth file sharing, a .gif making application called Cinemagraph and camera lenses that will allow users to remove un-wanted objects from photos.

KitGuru says: It may not be Windows Phone 8, but the 7.8 update is shaping up to be enough for most of Windows Phone's early adopters.

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