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Nokia sales boosted by Lumia, climb by 50%

Nokia were once one of the market leaders however in recent years they have dropped off the radar, leaving the market open to Android and iOS devices. Two years ago Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO painted their future as a difficult battle to regain market share. He ditched the in house …

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Upcoming Nokia Lumias will support wireless charging

While existing smartphones have made claims to wireless charging, including Samsung’s Galaxy S III, none of them have yet to deliver in any meaningful way. Today, images of a wireless charging pad for the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 has been leaked by @evleaks. Nothing more about the wireless charging …

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Nokia hints at PureView technology on Windows Phone

Thus far, Nokia’s PureView camera technology has only been seen on the 808 PureView; a device restricted to the out of fashion Symbian operating system. This could soon change in the coming months as Nokia has teased the possibility of Windows Phone PureView device. On Twitter Nokia replied to a …

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Nokia controls over half of the Windows Phone market

A recent report by analyst firm Localytics reveals that even though Nokia did not join the Windows Phone 7 realm until second generation devices made their appearance, they today control 59% of the Windows Phone  market. Nokia started the year in third place with 22% global market share, behind Samsung and …

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European carriers unimpressed by Nokia’s Lumia series

Even though Nokia’s Lumia series of smartphones are undoubtedly the best Windows Phone 7 smartphones, European carriers are still not overwhelmed by them. Reuters has been asking four major mobile telecom carriers about the Lumia series and have reported that they walk away unimpressed, even going as far as saying that Windows …

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