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What Windows Phone 8 features won’t make it to WP7.8?

Ever since Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8 and the watered down WP7.8 version for current Windows Phone devices there has been no real clues regarding what features from Windows Phone 8 will filter down other than the customisable tiles. Now a couple of images from a seemingly Nokia source reveal what features will and won’t make their way to Windows Phone 7.8.

While WP7.8 will get access to the customisable homescreen tiles, the marketplace, new camera features and some gestures such as flip to silence  they will miss out on what will make Windows Phone 8 a competitive platform. Considering there won’t be any new non-WP8 hardware there will be no access to 720p displays, multi-core processors or NFC. WP7.8 also won’t gain access to Internet Explorer 10, true multitasking, OTA updates or enterprise features such as device encryption and device management.

There are also notes regarding the Nokia Lumia 610 which only has 256 MB of RAM and we suspect that other lower-end Windows Phone handsets won’t get access to some features such as smart group shot and panorama.

KitGuru says: While it would be nice to see some more features filter down to existing handsets, we understand that many hardware limitations exist.

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