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Toshiba cancel Windows RT devices

Toshiba have canceled their plans to make Windows RT devices because of delays in getting the components they need. Microsoft have however named four other PC makers who will offer devices using their new Windows operating system.

Dell, Asus, Samsung and Lenovo will be making computers using Windows RT – utilising ARM processors.

Windows 8 - the future for Microsoft, or a disaster waiting to happen?

Microsoft plan on taking a huge chunk of sales from Apple when they launch their Surface tablet later this year, and with the support of key partners there should be enough variety on offer to target a wide audience. Other partners have stated their displeasure as Microsoft will directly enter the hardware market, competing against their Windows 8 partners. This is the first time that Microsoft will create PC hardware

Toshiba have said they are going to focus on devices using Intel X86 processors from AMD and Intel. A spokesman for Toshiba said “Toshiba has decided not to introduce Windows RT models due to delayed components that would make a timely launch impossible, we will continue to look into the possibility of Windows RT products in the future while monitoring market conditions.”

Key partner ASUS will be using the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor in their Windows RT devices. Their Windows 8 notebooks and tablets will use Intel processors. Samsung are planning to release a Windows RT tablet when the software is launched.

Kitguru says: Windows RT devices will not be as powerful, but the focus will be on battery life and creating very thin designs for maximum portability. Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Nvidia will be the hardware of choice.

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