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Nokia controls over half of the Windows Phone market

A recent report by analyst firm Localytics reveals that even though Nokia did not join the Windows Phone 7 realm until second generation devices made their appearance, they today control 59% of the Windows Phone  market.

Nokia started the year in third place with 22% global market share, behind Samsung and HTC with 23% and 44% respectively. In the months following, by July Nokia’s share had increased to 59%. Followed by HTC and Samsung with 22% and 13% respectively. It isn’t all bad for HTC and Samsung, their sales units still increased but could not match the rate of Nokia.

Nokia is currently set to reveal its Windows Phone 8 gear in the first week, which is bound to drive further sales.

KitGuru says: While leading the Windows Phone market share is not much to think of, it could prove critical for Nokia a year from now.

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