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Apple vs Samsung verdict will go to the jury

Unsurprisingly Apple and Samsung were unable to come to any agreement in court on Monday and now one of the largest smartphone legal wars will come down to the nine jury members.

Instead of the typical guilty/not guilty verdict the jurors will have to answer more than 700 questions based on over 20 devices in question. Such questions will include:

“For each of the following products, has Apple proven by a preponderance of evidence that Samsung Electronics Co. (SEC), Samsung Electronics America (SEA), and/or Samsung Telecommunications America (STA) has infringed on Claim 19 of the ‘381 Patent?”

Even judge Lucy Koh is claiming that these questions will go over the heads of the jurors; saying that she has “trouble understanding this, and [judge Koh has] spent a little more time with this than they have.”

After this the jury must also determine how many damages one company or the other may owe the other. Currently Apple is seeking a $2.5 billion payout while Samsung is seeking a more subdued $421.8 million damages payout.

KitGuru says: The verdict of this case will be unknown for at least a fortnight but its consequences will echo much longer than that.

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