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Samsung denies price hike for Apple mobile processors

Earlier in the week we reported that Samsung is now charging nearly 20 percent more for the production of Apple’s mobile processors. This includes those found in the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. However, this report may have been unfounded. The Hankyoreh, a Korean newspaper has been informed by an anonymous …

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Samsung is now charging Apple 20% more for processors

As strange as it sounds, the two biggest mobile players Apple and Samsung are actually very closely tied. Many of the components inside Apple’s iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices are sourced from Samsung. This is despite all of their legal battles around the world over “your device looks like …

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Samsung says Apple is moving away from using their technology

If you thought the recent and continuing patent struggles between Samsung and Apple were anything to go by, the strained relationship has spread much further than the companies’ mobile divisions. Apple has depended upon Samsung for many components in its various iDevices but it appears that will change with the …

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Samsung mocks Apple fans in commercial, again

Regardless of recent events between Samsung and Apple, such as the billion dollar patent battle in California, Samsung’s marketing team has taken another swipe at Apple customers barely a week after the announcement of the iPhone 5. The ad as usual mocks Apple fans waiting in line for the latest iDevice. …

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Apple vs Samsung verdict will go to the jury

Unsurprisingly Apple and Samsung were unable to come to any agreement in court on Monday and now one of the largest smartphone legal wars will come down to the nine jury members. Instead of the typical guilty/not guilty verdict the jurors will have to answer more than 700 questions based …

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Samsung appeals Galaxy Nexus injunction

Late last week Apple was granted a preliminary injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone and as we expected, Samsung has appealed the judge’s decision. Samsung are also asking for the sales injunction to be withheld until the appeal is heard. The appeal from the Korean electronics giant contains arguments …

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