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Samsung Galaxy S III ruled the roost in Q3 2012

According to Strategy Analytics, the Samsung Galaxy S III outsold and dethroned the Apple iPhone 4S as the best selling smartphone in Q3 2012. Granted, the iPhone 5 did launch during this period but it goes to show that Samsung is now as large, if not larger, than Apple.

During the quarter Samsung sold 18 million Galaxy S III units, equating to a massive 10.7% of the global smartphone market. Behind it was the Apple iPhone 4S with 16.2 million units sold (9.7% market share) while the latest iPhone managed sales totalling 6 million for 3.6% of the smartphone market.

While we could argue as to who actually makes the better smartphones (a debate that would never end I might add) the fact the two companies’ recent flagship smartphones take up 24% of the total smartphone market is a very impressive statistic.

KitGuru says: While it looks mightily good for Samsung right now, it will be interesting where the iPhone 5 ranks in the closing quarter of 2012.

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