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Apple is owed $1.05 billion from Samsung following patent verdict

Late last night local time, the nine man jury of the Apple vs Samsung legal case in California has ruled in favour of Apple and putting over a billion in their pocket in the process.

Just days after the case was given to the jury, they have found that the vast majority of  Samsung devices concerned infringed upon the iPhone front fascia design patent. They also ruled that the trade dress (this is basically the design) of the iPhone line has been diluted by several Samsung products. To top it all of, it was ruled that Samsung willingly copied Apple’s patented designs and the resultant damages were tripled.

There wasn’t much in favour of Samsung. Their own tablets were found to not rule upon the trade dress of the iPad and none of the Korean company’s patent were ruled in invalid, neither were any of Apple’s.

Samsung will appeal the decision, but the verdict is unlikely to be changed. The company can only really dispute the amount of damages they owe and the validity of the different patents the jury found they have infringed upon.

As it stands Apple is owed $1,049,343,540 USD from Samsung in damages. Product infringement discussions will begin next month.

KitGuru says: Today is a dark day for technology, Samsung themselves called it a “loss for the American consumer”.

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