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New nVidia GTX660 specs and cheaper Radeons readied

From the time of AMD’s graphics price cut announcement, it took all of 24 hours for the first resellers to implement the drops. KitGuru happens across a forum announcement that indicates the price war has not finished. Not yet at any rate.

Whatever your opinion on the GTX660 and the appointment of John Byrne to the Chief Sales Office role at AMD, one thing is for certain, no prisoners are being taken in trying to make the Radeon 7xxx series more appealing to consumers.

For Byrne to get even close to his target, he needs the AMD graphics division firing on all barrels. Mainstream CPU sales into the global channels are unlikely to create big waves, just yet, and the majority of APU sales will be focused into the Multi-National Corporations, where they can do the most good in a short space of time.

The one area where AMD has some control over its own destiny is graphics. The challenge is not so much to beat nVidia, as it is to stimulate consumers to buy now instead of around Christmas or New Year.

Why the focus on the background/politics?  AMD’s need to hit numbers, translates directly into bargains for you, KitGuru readers. We know what nVidia has done with the GTX660 Ti and how AMD has reacted with the Radeon price cuts, but there’s something new coming to the mix.

The nVidia GTX 660 Ti cards you have seen so far are all way above the standard GTX660 specification – and price. Around the beginning of September, a lower priced ‘standard’ GTX 660 will hit shelves across the globe with:-

It's easy to estimate that the regular GTX660 could score just under 7,000 in 3DMark 2011, which would bring it well under Sapphire's 2GB 7950 VaporX. It should retail around £195 inc vat in the UK

KitGuru says: The move we saw from Aria yesterday, puts the 3GB overclocked 7950 into the £219 space with the upcoming ‘standard’ GTX660 just under £200 and the full-phat GTX660 Ti closer to £250. If we didn’t know better, we’d say that someone’s research had shown that an un-naturally large amount of ~£200 graphics purchases were imminent.

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