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KitGuru visits the UK’s largest gaming festival, i46

It’s that time of year again, when gamers from across Europe flock to the International Centre in Telford to attend what has become the biggest gaming festival in the UK.  This bank holiday weekend marks the 46th iteration of Multiplay’s Insomnia series which will accommodate over 3000 gamers for five days. Those of you who cannot make it this weekend, here’s a snapshot of what you’re missing out on!

Over the last few years the size of the exhibitor’s area at Multiplay’s Insomnia series has ballooned.  It seems that all the big names in the gaming industry are present to entice gamers into buying their latest and greatest kit.

The gaming area is absolutely huge and is like two large warehouses full of rows and rows of PCs.

There is also a massive tournament area featuring large screens and seating for hundreds of spectators.

As soon as we walked into the exhibitors hall we were greeted by the massive Overclockers UK stand which had some really impressive systems on display.  They also have some special deals on for the show which are also available on their website here.

There were three systems in particular which caught our eyes.  First of all, the two Titan Prodigy LAN gaming systems which are based around the new BitFenix Prodigy case that we reviewed here.  These are quite reasonably priced and have very capable components which make an ideal LAN gaming system thanks to the compact case.  They are available to buy here.

We were also quite impressed by the look of the Overclockers Ultima 9700i which offers a great specification for the price which includes nVidia’s GeForce GTX 690 graphics card alongside an overclocked Intel Core i7-3820 processor.  This is available to purchase here.

Just in case you had forgotten about Overclockers presence at the event they had also decorated the bar in an Overclockers UK theme which included everything from banners to beer mats.

While there were no booth babes on the Overclockers UK stand, we only had to go just round the corner to the Thermaltake booth to find some.  It may take you a few moments to notice but the models in the picture above are showcasing the brand new Level 10 mouse.

They also had a wide range of existing products on display as well as the new Tt eSPORTS Chao Dracco headphones which were kindly modelled for us by one of Thermaltake’s babes.

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