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Nvidia’s Kai platform coming to smartphones later this year

In late May Nvidia announced the Kai tablet platform which was to bring high-end devices to an affordable price range. The result? Just look at the Nexus 7 that was launched last week at Google I/O and will be available in the coming weeks from $199 (£159). While the Nexus 7 is an impressive piece hardware on its own, Nvidia is not willing to stop at tablets and has plans to bring Tegra 3 smartphones to an affordable price point.

The result could be smartphones with Tegra 3 processors, HD displays yet cautious amounts of internal storage on shelves for $300 (£200) or less. Nvidia is supposedly working with Chinese manufacturers which could include ZTE and Huawei to produce smartphones based on the Kai platform. ZTE has already shown off a Tegra 3 based smartphone earlier in the year which could be an indication of what Nvidia hopes the reference platform will result in.

If there was ever any doubt, they will run Android, mostly as a result of Nvidia’s participation with the platform. It is also caused by Apple’s close relationship with Samsung (at least for chipsets) and Windows Phone 8 being exclusive to Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets.

KitGuru says: We can’t wait until these powerful and impressively cheap smartphones wreak havoc on the market.

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