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Nvidia’s Kepler coming to a smartphone near you?

Over the weekend Nvidia dropped the NDA on it’s Geforce GTX 680 graphics card based on their new Kepler architecture. Which in the case of the GTX 680, Kepler beats the AMD competition, the 7970 on many levels with some degree of ease. As a result of a successful launch (excluding a disgruntled Tweaktown,) Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang sent out an email to all employees. In the email he hints at the Kepler architecture coming to superphones in the future.

“Today is just the beginning of Kepler. Because of its super energy-efficient architecture, we will extend GPUs into datacenters, to super thin notebooks, to superphones. Not to mention bring joy and delight to millions of gamers around the world.

Kepler could be in your next smartphone and not just a part of your next PC upgrade

Naturally Nvidia aren’t going to put a 200W+ chip into a phone, so obviously there must be some close integration going on between the Geforce and Tegra engineers over at Nvidia HQ. Reasonable estimates is that we might see Kepler in top of the line smartphones early next year when Tegra 4 could be made public.

Kitguru says: Mobile technology is advancing at an enormous pace; I wonder how much longer Nvidia, Qualcomm and others can keep this up.

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