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Rumours suggest a $99 Nexus 7 coming soon

Digitimes is reporting that two new Nexus 7 models from Google and ASUS are on their way. According to their sources one will be priced at $199 USD, the other at an impressive $99 USD. Both models are expected to be available by the end of the year and will be thinner than the current model.

We see a few problems with this, Google generally releases only one set of Nexus devices per year, the Nexus 7 was already released in July. Secondly, we hate to think how ASUS will manage the $99 price tag. Either the hardware will have to be crippled or there will be some form of advertising built into the device to cover costs. However, the third and most probable reason is that it is a carrier subsidised 3G model. There have already been rumours of a 3G model earlier in September.

KitGuru says: Whether this rumour has truth in it or not, a subsidised 3G model sounds like the most likely possibility.

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