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Samsung Galaxy S III takes mobile phone battery life crown

In recent years the push for impressive designs and extreme thinness there has been one much more important specification that has been falling – battery life. The days of our phones lasting a week are long gone and we found our smartphones tied to a charged most nights. This is perhaps why users look towards a larger battery while selecting their next phone.

Which? test labs who claims to be completely independent of any outside influence recently took 101 mobile phones and put them through their paces. Phones included for testing included flagships from Samsung, HTC, Apple and Sony.

For once the phones were used as phones and they were tested with average 3G reception. On average each phone lasted for 315 minutes and the Samsung Galaxy S III more than doubled this with 726 mins, which is just over 12 hours of constant call time. Following the Samsung was the HTC One X, Sony Xperia S and the Apple iPhone 4S, who lasted for 635, 520 and 476 minutes respectively.

KitGuru says: While it only focusses on calling time, it does paint at least some of the picture.

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