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Samsung Galaxy S III to be launched in April, says rumour

Well, well, well, what do we have here? It must be another Samsung Galaxy S III rumour. The flagship Android that has previously been rumoured to be launched at Mobile World Congress earlier this week or as late as late-summer to keep American carriers happy. It is also the Samsung flagship that has been rumoured to have an amazing 4.8 inch Full HD display.

A possible render of the upcoming Galaxy S III smartphone seen in a Samsung presentation video back at CES

There is now another rumour to add to this rather expansive list, the Galaxy S III will be announced sometime in March with a  launch as soon as April according to ZDNet Korea. The source of this rumour comes from Cheil Worldwide, the marketing company Samsung has employed for advertising during the London Olympics starting in late July.

The UK is also set to be one of the first markets to recieve Samsung’s flagship Android, along with other European markets. Android fans in the USA will likely have to wait another few months for carriers to sort out agreements with Samsung.

Kitguru says: Rumours; take them with a grain of salt, but this latest one is a whole lot more plausible than a Full HD display.

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