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Singapore retailer hints at Ivy Bridge CPU pricing structure

The first indication of Ivy Bridge processor pricing has come to light through a dealer in Singapore who felt like jumping the gun in sharing an online price list of 7 and 6 series motherboard + Ivy Bridge CPU combos.

The table seen above quotes pricing in Singapore Dollars (SGD) for a vast range of board + CPU bundles and from this info it’s possible to derive estimated prices on select Ivy Bridge Core processors, at least in the Singapore market.

– Intel Core i7-3770K : S$420 – S$430 (US $335 – US $343)
– Intel Core i7-3770 : S$375 – S$385 (US $299 – US $307)
– Intel Core i5-3570K : S$285 – S$290 (US $227 – US $231)
– Intel Core i5-3550 : S$265 – S$255 (US $211 – US $203)
– Intel Core i5-3450 : S$235 – S$245 (US $187 – US $195)

KitGuru says: Judging by these prices Intel’s 22nm Ivy Bridge K series chips will come in at similar price points to Sandy K series offerings at launch.

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