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Samsung steals a fifth of the entire mobile phone market

According to the latest figures from research firm Gartner, Samsung holds the top spot in global mobile phone sales. The Korean appliance giant has taken this gold medal spot from Nokia recently. Samsung stands at 20.7% of all mobile phones sold while Nokia is behind with 19.8 percent. Apple is third on the list, shipping 7.9 percent of all mobile phones.

The launch of the Galaxy S III is only going to fuel Samsung's flame

In the Android word Samsung again lights up the Android world, holding 40 percent of recent purchases. Looking at the bigger picture, Google’s Android shipped on more than half (56 percent) of new smartphones, more than double the share the the iPhone takes home. This is mostly fueled by Asian consumers postponing purchases awaiting cheaper smartphones.

Apple’s iOS followed with 22.9 percent, which grinds Windows Phone and Blackberry into the ground. These two fighting competitors hold just 1.9 percent and 6.9 percent of the market respectively. These sales figures are also down by a quarter and a half respectively from previous quarters. Windows Phone 7 is actually a really nice platform, it just hasn’t gained traction in the market. This is most likely caused by consumers going into stores with an Android or iPhone in mind rather than supporting an open mind.

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  • HagarViking

    Congrats Sammy!. Using the same old trick Nokia used to drive in low-end diversity and mid-end targets to usurp a huge chunk of the market while Nokia is stagnating and others trying to gear up for high-end units. This is a great strategy that pays off with few competitors in the target areas and massive volumes flooding the market while creating loyalty while at it. I am surprised LG did not use this strategy because they are big enough to handle it. Of course MOT was not a strong as it used to be, so it is rather clean pickings for Sammy.