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Are Android phones too complicated? Microsoft CEO thinks so

Are Android phones difficult to use? I use one daily and don't have a problem, but outspoken Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says users need to be ‘computer scientists' to be able to use one.

Ballmer spoke out at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco and he was asked to give his views on the appeal of a phone powered by the new Microsoft operating system in comparison to an Android handset.

He simply told the press “You don’t need to be a computer scientist to use a Windows phone and you do to use and Android phone…It is hard for me to be excited about the Android phones.” He has a point, because if you don't understand something it is difficult to get excited. Are the public getting confused with an Android handset however? Sales figures keep growing so we would think the problem might be isolated.

He was more positive about Apple, saying they were a ‘good competitor' but a ‘different one'. Whatever that means.

After he complimented Apple he went on to say that Windows powered phones were better because they positioned the users needs ‘front and centre' of the phone experience. He said that users had to scroll through ‘seas of icons' to get to the information on an Apple phone. He said a Windows phone simply ‘gets things done'.

It would seem he has a problem using anything outside Windows, but according to sales figures it might just be his view, not that of the mainstream audience.

Kitguru says: Android phones. Are they really too complex?

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