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Ericsson may be bought out by Sony

Reports have just hit that Sony are currently holding discussions to buy Ericsson out of the mobile phone joint venture. This report has also been verified this morning by news organisation Reuters.

This move could boost Sony's presence in the mobile sector, which it is losing against competitors Apple and Samsung. The branding causes some confusion, with tablets, game products and televisions under the Sony name, while smartphones are ‘Sony Ericsson'.

There have been talks for the last month over the 50:50 partnership which seems to be no longer a viable proposition for Sony. This month the 10 year deal is due for renewal, according to unnamed sources who spoke to Reuters.

Sony are therefore mulling over the possibility of a buy over and although no figures have been confirmed, it would appear that funds in the region of $1.3 billion are being discussed.

Kitguru says: Analysts are saying that the unification of Sony products would help increase shares.

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