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iPad tops user satisfaction report

A new Comscore report has been released which shows that people are happiest with their tablets. King among the tablets is (not surprisingly) the Apple iPad.

The report says “New TabLens data showed that tablet owners were highly satisfied with their respective devices, with the average overall satisfaction rating reaching 8.6 on a 10-point scale. In comparison, smartphone owners rated overall satisfaction with their device an 8.1.”

The organisation held a survey of 6,000 tablet owners over a three month period and their conclusion? iPad owners have the highest level of satisfaction, with Kindle Fire owners in second place. Android tablet owners highlighted a potential concern for Google, they marked the lowest levels of satisfaction. That said, the results were still higher than smartphone users.

The report details that the iPad user base tends to be younger, richer and predominately male. The Kindle Fire audience are mainly female with a lower income. The report says “Both Android and Kindle Fire users saw household income below that of iPad owners, aligning more closely with household income reported by smartphone owners.”

The findings would verify a previous report by ChangeWave Research who claim that 73 percent of people who planned to buy a tablet, wanted the Apple iPad.

Kitguru says: Are you young, rich and male. Do you own an iPad?

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