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Nokia to reveal new Windows Phones

Microsoft said today that Nokia are going to be releasing new Windows OS phones within the next week. They hope that the new products from Nokia will help boost their sales in Europe and other parts of the world.

Andy Lees, the Windows Phone division chief said that Nokia phones are a very big deal for Microsoft as they mount a challenge against Android, iOS and Blackberry handsets.

He told the All Things Digital AsiaD technology conference “We are very excited about them (Nokia) being in the market. They have a lot of resources throughout the world and they will be a major accelerant to us.”

Lees added that Nokia have seen the Windows roadmap for the new operating system and have “decided to bet their whole company on Windows Phone based on that”. It certainly is a daring move for Nokia, especially as Microsoft have yet to prove themselves within the smartphone market.

He also added that Google are ‘very nervous’ at Microsoft entering the market, even though for them it is still early days.

Lees said “We’ve been working hard on building an architecture that allows us to leapfrog our competitors by using the best components available”

Kitguru says: ‘Leapfrogging their competitors’? They are certainly out for blood.

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    leap frog eh… well better hope it don’t leap frog over the consumer pocket and land in the bin