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RIM continue to struggle, marketshare dropping

Research In Motion haven’t had one of their best years so far, and recent reports in from ComScore show that they are continuing to lose market share.

Between February and May 2011, RIM have dropped another 0.5% in the US sector, while competitor Apple has gained 1.2% to 8.7% total. Market leader Samsung have held steady at 24.8% which is a good percentage to maintain.

Google Android is also showing impressive gains, with their operating system share increasing from 33 percent to 38.1 percent between quarters. Smartphones are very popular with the US audience, with a total audience of 76.8 million people, a climb of 11 percent in only three months according to ComScore. You can read more over here.

Kitguru says: RIM continue to struggle, we can only hope they can perform better in Q4.

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  • Optical viewpoint

    The big problem is that RIm spent so much time and resource money on feeding the playbook. and it has failed badly. now they are in a weak position to get market in the smartphone sector. which was always their strength. its been poor management for the last year that has caused this. the tablet needed to be a secondary focus, not primary.