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A-Team hacking group reveal Lulzsec members

Lulzsec have made quite a name for themselves in recent months, targeting many high profile companies across the globe. Until their recent disbanding they shared the limelight with Anonymous and some people have said that both groups shared members.

The ‘A-Team’ are another hacking group who apparently don’t share very positive views on the skills of Lulzsec. Not only that but The New York Times reported that The A-Team published names, email addresses and phone numbers of Lulzsec online. The A-Team claim they are doing this because Lulzsec apparently “lack the skill to do anything more than go after the low-hanging fruit.”

Even though Lulzsec successfully targeted Sony, The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and the Arizona State Police Department it appears that other hacking groups don’t like them getting all the limelight.

Kitguru says: We aren’t sure if the names and personal information posted by the A-Team will lead to any arrests or tracking of the individuals by government agencies, but you can be sure that there are many officials already investigating the information.

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