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Windows Phone marketplace reaches 50,000 app milestone

The Windows Marketplace has reached a milestone of 50,000 applications. This achievement however is only one tenth of the Apple iOS store, and much less than the 400,000 applications on the Android Market.

Microsoft will be pleased with the quick growth, taking only 14 months of operation to reach the milestone figure. The Android Market took 19 months to reach 50,000 applications and iOS took 12 months.

All About Windows Phone said that the Microsoft store is being loaded with 265 new pieces of software daily. They said ““The 50,000 mark, which has been reached sooner than we estimated, is a key milestone, but more important is the accelerating growth of the Marketplace. It took just over a year to get to 40,000 apps, but just 40 days to add the next 10,000 apps. That bodes well for Windows Phone in 2012.”

According to the report, 58 percent of the items in the Windows Phone Marketplace are free, 14 percent are paid for with a free trial and 29 percent are fully paid for items. The most popular sector of software is the entertainment arena.

Kitguru says: Healthy growth for Windows Phone, and the next 12 months will be critical for the platform.

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