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First sighting of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ price points appear in South Korea

Straight off the back of new renders surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S9 range, a South Korean tech firm has published first sightings on handset pricing. Conversion from South Korean won is not perfect, however if the information holds weight, the devices unsurprisingly look to be more expensive than their Galaxy S8 predecessors.

The report comes from ET News, a South Korean publisher that has a decent track record of leaking things in the past when it comes to Samsung’s dealings. The publisher has stated that the smaller Galaxy S9 will go on sale for KRW950,000 ($875, £620), whereas the larger Galaxy S9+ will don a KRW990,000 ($920, £655) price-tag.

At first, this seems like good news as conversion pegs this as cheaper than the £689/£779 Galaxy S8 range, however the handsets released at a cost of KRW935000 over in South Korea, meaning that we’re unlikely to see the pricing translate so well in the Western world. More than likely, both devices are expected to push above the £700 mark.

It’s official that the Galaxy S9 range of devices will be seeing the light of day on February 25th at MWC, however we’ve known for some time that there would be a gap between the initial reveal and pre-orders going live. The same report by ET News suggests that Samsung will begin taking pre-orders for the handsets on March 2nd with shipping to start the following week, on March 8th.

This contrasts previous information from EVLeaks in which the devices were reportedly pegged at March 1st for pre-orders and a two-week wait for shipping on March 16th, however it is possible that Samsung itself might have moved the timetable up. Either way, all information is tentative to change until officially confirmed by the company itself.

KitGuru Says: If the information holds true, this is actually a fairly condensed time-frame for Samsung to be working by, with just two weeks between reveal and the devices reaching customers’ hands. Are you looking forward to what Samsung has in store? Have you settled on the Galaxy S9 or S9+ as your next handset?

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