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New Nokia WP7 Phone showcased in leaked video

The power of the internet must be a royal headache for many companies, who are often beaten to the official launch of their products thanks to leaked images and videos.

The upcoming Nokia WP7 smartphones have only been discussed in passing by the press, who as yet have not received any detailed information. However a video which has reached Youtube apparently shows the phone in all its glory. Well that was the case, until the user removed it for unknown reasons.

PocketNow managed to get some images of the product however.

PocketNow say “Now let’s get to the juicy part: We’ve got two phones about which we know absolutely nothing. The one below seems to be the phone which was “leaked” just after the Nokia-Microsoft announcement but the others seem to be so far unseen. The other one appears to be coming in different colors (maybe inter-changeable battery covers) but interestingly, it appears to have the same button layout as the SeaRay: all the buttons on the left (volume up, down, power and camera).”

There are claims however that the video and images could be faked, however they are certainly causing interest among the mobile phone community. There is of course a possibility that the design could change before release.

Kitguru says: Real or Fake?

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