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Angry Birds movie, books and merchanise on the way

I will admit, I am addicted to Angry Birds. Any chance I get, I am often seen on the sofa with my iPhone in hand, trying to beat my high scores. There are big plans for this popular mobile game, with the company behind it keen to release a whole series of merchandise related to the cuddly critters.

Rovio Entertainment Ltd, from Finland have made a lot of money already from the mobile titles which have sold millions of copies for Android and iOS platforms. This month they are releasing a series of books such as ‘Bad Piggies Egg Recipes’ and a series of educational books to help young kids aged four upwards. One of the books is said to focus on geometry lessons, which is clever, as the game foundation is based on trajectories.

One of the most exciting possibilities is getting a big screen movie developed. Right now they are talking to writers, directors and financing partners to make this happen. According to sources, it could be a few years from release.

Angry Birds has been an incredible success with 120 million active gamers playing each month – this makes even the most popular PC games pale in comparison. If even only a small percentage are interested in a movie or merchandise, then the company is set to generate a lot of revenue.

Jeff Gomez, chief executive of Starlight Runner Entertainment Inc says that the Angry Birds franchise has a good chance of success at the box office, citing Pirates Of the Caribbean, which was based on a theme park ride.

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