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Buying a mobile phone? Marketing maths you can’t live without

Phone shops only sell phones. Sounds obvious, right? You don’t need a KitGuru to tell you that. But once you have that in mind, it makes the act of stepping foot inside a phone shop a little more poignant. It’s a statement of intention. And the shop knows it. KitGuru explains the maths.

Once upon a time, the major phone companies had technology and no customers. To generate a market, they created an army of independent phone salesmen, from coast to coast, intent on selling everyone in their family a brand new contract – like a mad pyramid scheme fuelled by billions of dollars and a product that people actually need.

Then the phone companies realised that it was more profitable to collapse the supply chain.

Now we have the owner/operators of the actual transmission equipment (think multi-national, multi-billion), operating friendly little corner shops, trying to close out deals for £10 a month.
You just KNOW that these boys will bring the science. And they have.

One of KitGuru’s sources recently spoke with a director for one of the major phone store chains. He revealed some very interesting metrics. Here are some numbers for you to be aware of.

Walking along the street, you may or may not be attracted by the offers in a phone store. If you don’t go in, then you don’t buy. OK. That was nice and simple.

What happens when you do step foot inside? The chance that you will buy ‘something’ jumps to 50%. Half of the people who enter a phone store will buy at least one item.

You’ve been shopping a while. You’re tired. As you wander around the store, you notice some comfortable chairs at the back and some attractive, friendly, young assistants that may well have the answer to the question you’ve been dying to ask about roaming rates, inclusive minutes and MMS picture messaging.

Sit down and, statistically, your chance of buying jumps to 68%.

Walking in makes it 50%, sitting down makes it 68%. Amazing. What’s the final link in the chain that the store looks for in order to get you to buy?

At some stage, the assistant will ask for your phone. To check something or admire the styling or point out some feature that’s now considered ‘historical’.

Hand your phone over and the chance that you will buy something jumps to 80%.

50%, 68%, 80% – figures worth remembering!

KitGuru says: Next time you’re bored, walk into a phone shop, sit down, start a conversation about rates, hand over your phone and then leave without making a purchase. When you see the assistant’s surprised face, allow yourself an inner smile.
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