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Pacman gobbles up $120,483,800

Very few readers will have missed the recent Pacman '30 year anniversary' game on the Google home page, but we have been updated on usage stats. Over 4.8 million hours have been logged with the game which averages out at 36 seconds per person. Someone was very handy with a calculator there.

This study was conducted by RescueTime and they reckon that 4,819,352 hours were lost which translates to $120,483,800 in lost revenue. Rescuetime use an interesting analogy – hire every Google employee – including the founders, and get them for six weeks for that much money.

We have heard reports that many companies have actually had to block the Google home page to deal with employees wasting time eating ghosts during the day.

KitGuru says: We wonder how many seconds were lost with people debating the Lost Finale?

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  1. It is pretty cool, but I think the hype surrounding it helped. Most people I know didn even know they could play it when they saw it.

  2. Well I can safely confirm that I have played much more than 36 seconds on this over the week, in work 🙂 but kitguru has taken more time, im sure it will be blocked soon

  3. Well, I’ve been playing it for 10 minutes, totally. Which compared to the time spent on commenting the LOST finale is NOTHING. 😀