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ASUS ZenFone 6 Mobile Review

Over the last decade ASUS have built up a reputation in creating quality graphics cards and motherboards, however they have yet to make a massive splash in the mobile phone sector. In for review today is the ASUS ZenFone 6 mobile phone. Priced at just £249.99 for a 6-inch phone, …

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China now has over a billion mobile subscriptions

China is by far the largest country, weighing in at 1.35 billion people in an official estimate taken at the end of 2011. So it comes as no real surprise that China has just crossed the big billion threshold for mobile phone subscriptions. According to China’s Ministry of Industry and …

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Sorry men, we’re not as important as a woman’s mobile phone

A recent investigation has discovered that women care more about their mobile phones than their boyfriends. Pawnbroker Borro.com surveyed 4000 women and discovered that a woman’s mobile phone comes in at number 3 on a list of most treasured possessions list. Boyfriends lose out a bit on the list, they’re (we’re) stuck down …

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Nomophobia rates on the rise in the UK, now at 66%

Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact and according to research conducted by OnePoll the percentage affected by this strange phobia is on the rise. OnePoll surveyed 1000 people in employment in the UK and found that two in three people fear misplacing or spending time …

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More phones in the UK than people

Many areas of technological hardware have had a tough time for sales in 2010, but not so for the mobile phone industry. Recent reports just in show that the phone market has seen a 43 percent global growth. Smartphones have only been on the market for five years but they …

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