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Sorry men, we’re not as important as a woman’s mobile phone

A recent investigation has discovered that women care more about their mobile phones than their boyfriends. Pawnbroker Borro.com surveyed 4000 women and discovered that a woman’s mobile phone comes in at number 3 on a list of most treasured possessions list. Boyfriends lose out a bit on the list, they’re (we’re) stuck down in 5th place. Mothers and photos beat the mobile phone to first place.

Perhaps we need a ripoff series titled "It's me or the phone"

Furthermore, four out of ten women would be devastated if they lost their mobile phone, while 3 out of 10 women that can live happily without a man in their life. One in five would consider trading in their treasured possessions such as their hair straighteners or car to raise cash when need.

Shockingly the majority of women would breakup/divorce with their boyfriend or husband in exchange for £700,000.

Kitguru says: Don’t worry too much men, we still come before diamond rings and the handbag!

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