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HTC riding the storm – revenue up 80%

HTC are having a good year, and their latest reports over the weekend show revenues of $4.43 (US) billion for the third quarter 2011. This is up 9.2% from Q2, and almost 80% on this time last year.

2011 has been a massively strong year for the mobile giant, with revenues of NT$364.38 billion, increasing by 108.5% from a year previous.

HTC had set themselves a target of 10% growth for the quarter, so they fell a little short of their proposed targets, although we can imagine that no one will be hauled over the coals for the slight shortfall.

HTC have been in the news recently for a legal battle with Apple, which caused Google to intervene by handing over some of their patent ownerships.

Kitguru says: A very strong year for HTC, which highlights the growth of the Android platform.

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