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Is the Motorola Xoom biggest threat yet to iPad?

So far, the reviews for Motorola’s new Xoom tablet appear to be really positive. The Android 3.0 Honeycomb powered tablet could very well be Apple’s biggest threat yet.

In the states, the Xoom has been released at $599 with a two year Verizon Wireless contract and the 10.1 inch tablet is the first product to be running the much awaited Honeycomb Android operating system from Google.

Sarah Rotman Epps, who is a Forrester Research Analyst said “When you use the camera, for example, it anticipates that you’ll be holding it in landscape mode with your right thumb on the screen, and it simulates the radial control dial of a real camera under your thumb, there are no awkward moments, as there were with earlier Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak.”

On another site, Robert Scoble, who is a devoted iPad fan said that the Xoom is much superior to the original iPad. His video below highlights some of the key points.

With a better resolution screen and superior multitasking capabilities it certainly appears to be ticking all the right boxes, especially the dual camera setup and HDMI output. Even the speakers are better than the iPad.

The latest Honeycomb operating system is getting acclaim from all the reviewers showing that Google really are to be taken seriously with their software development, which is constantly improving with every release. They are even leaving Microsoft for dead now in the mobile sector, worrying thoughts for the Redmond software giant.

KitGuru says: Honeycomb possibly one of the best operating systems on the market for the mobile platform?

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