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Apple showcase new MacBook Pro range and previews Lion

Apple have released a new range of MacBook Pro laptop computers which are equipped with new dual and quad core Intel processors. They also feature the latest ‘Thunderbolt’ input and output tech and a new FaceTime camera. Apple claim that the new machines are over double the speed of the last generation.

The smaller 13 inch MacBook Pro will be priced starting at £999 and will come equipped with dual core processors with speeds up to 2.7 ghz. The 15 inch models are more expensive, starting at £1,549 and will support quad core Intel processors with 1GB graphics cards. The class leading 17 inch models will be priced even higher, starting at £2,099.

Interestingly, the new ‘Thunderbolt’ I/O interface, developed by Intel will feature on the new range. KitGuru reported on this earlier in the week, although Apple have changed the name to something more dramatic for their own market. With transfer capabilities of up to 10GBps this is surely one of the more exciting new technologies to be released this year.

Steve Jobs: will he retake the helm? no one knows.

Additionally, the new FaceTime camera on the machines can offer three times the resolution of the previous model and will help improve social networking capabilities between friends and family, as long as your connection can handle the data required.

The new OSX Lion was also previewed, much as Kitguru predicted with new features such as ‘Mission Control’, which allows users to view all applications which are currently running. There is also a new iPad style ‘Launchpad’ option and new multitouch gesture support. Apple plan to release Lion sometime in the summer, although no date has yet been confirmed.

KitGuru says: A lot of action for Apple fans, and of course the new iPad will be out in the near future.

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