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Over 1 million copies of OSX Lion sold in first day

I said last month that Apple had the ultra low £20.99 price point of their new OSX ‘Lion’ right on the mark. It appears that my views have now been shared by many Macintosh users, as Apple are claiming that over 1 million people have already downloaded OSX Lion, in …

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Apple release OSX Lion today while profits soar

As expected, Apple’s recent profits have broken records, achieving $28.57 billion in revenue for the second quarter of the year. With sales showing 9 million iPads and 20 million iPhones, it appears that the company can do no wrong. Today, Apple are due to release the latest version of their …

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Apple stores getting ready for OSX Lion rollout

The Apple audience are patiently waiting on OSX Lion to be released and the latest news shows that the operating system is said to be at the retail stores, ready for showroom floor placement. Macintosh news site sources are also claiming that AppleCare support staff are receiving training on the …

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Apple showcase new MacBook Pro range and previews Lion

Apple have released a new range of MacBook Pro laptop computers which are equipped with new dual and quad core Intel processors. They also feature the latest ‘Thunderbolt’ input and output tech and a new FaceTime camera. Apple claim that the new machines are over double the speed of the …

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Jobs showcases new Macbook Air & OS X Lion

Steve Jobs held a conference yesterday in Cupertino, California to talk about the new Macbook Air and the new operating system OSX 10.7 – codenamed ‘lion’. Steve Jobs revealed two new Macbook Air’s and said they were ‘the future of notebooks’. There are two new Air products, 13.3 inch and …

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