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Apple stores getting ready for OSX Lion rollout

The Apple audience are patiently waiting on OSX Lion to be released and the latest news shows that the operating system is said to be at the retail stores, ready for showroom floor placement.

Macintosh news site sources are also claiming that AppleCare support staff are receiving training on the new features of Lion, so they can educate the public.

The developer version has been in the wild for some time now and meaning that there is already a lot of feedback available online if you look in the right places. So far, it seems mainly positive which is exactly what Apple will want to be reading.

Apple store: image credit Kitguru

Apple may come under attack for some of their product pricing, but no one will be able to complain about OSX Lion, as it will be retailing for only £20.99. This seems like a bargain to us, especially when versions of Microsoft Windows 7 can cost almost £170 inc vat.

Appleinsider wrote a report which says that software will be available on the Mac App Retail Store on Wednesday 8.30am E.T. We aren’t sure if the UK will get the new operating system at the same time however it looks as if Apple will also be releasing the new MacBook Air models on the same day.

OSX Lion features over 250 new features, with one of the main talking points being the new ‘LaunchPad’ interface, which is taking some design ideas from the application launcher in iOS. One of Apples main goals is to ‘merge’ some of the design features of both iOS and OSX. Therefore if people switch between their computer and mobile device, the learning curve is minimal.

Kitguru says: Will it roar? At that price, it is going to be hard for it to fail.

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