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LinkedIn CEO says people don’t have time for Google+

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has said that he doesn’t think that people will have the free time to use Google+.

Weiner was on stage at the Churchill Club last night and AllThingD’s Kara Swisher asked him some questions based around social networking. The San Francisco Chronicle was on hand to report.

He said “Nobody has any free time. Unlike social platforms and TV, which can coexist, you don’t see people using Twitter while they’re using Facebook, or using Facebook while they’re using LinkedIn.”

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner talks to reporters during the Reuters Technology Summit in San Francisco, California May 17, 2010. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

He said that the current system worked well, as people use Facebook for family and friends, LinkedIn for work oriented contacts and Twitter to broadcast thoughts and events to an audience.

He added “you introduce google+, where am I going to spend that next minute or hour of my discretionary time? I have no more time.”

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