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Even pilots are using the iPad 2

The iPad 2 has been widely adopted by the mainstream consumer market and we have heard of lawyers, IT professionals and even car salesmen adopting the product to help with their jobs. Earlier this week the New York Times reported that The Federal Aviation Administration have also cleared a selection of carriers to use the tablet computer now as an electronic flight bag.

NYT: First Officer Kelly Caglia of American Airlines with an iPad in a Boeing 777 at the Los Angeles airport.

Jim Freeman, director of flight standards at Alaska Airlines, and a pilot himself said “The iPad allows pilots to quickly and nimbly access information, When you need to a make a decision in the cockpit, three to four minutes fumbling with paper is an eternity.” They have given iPads to all their pilots.

Technically, it seems like a good move, as pilots can lose a lot of paper weight on their travels. The iPad allows them to consult digital flight, systems and performance manuals – quickly and without having to hunt through paper literature. The project won’t end here, as the next stage of the project (to read aeronautical charts) means that pilots could lose another five pounds of paper weight, per person. You can read more on this, over here.

Kitguru says: We would also assume that the stewards and stewardesses don’t ask the pilots to turn them off, during takeoff.

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  • brooklyn

    Nice idea, hope they dont start failing at high sustained altitude however over time.

  • Erica

    They can probably view youtube too when things quieten down 😉

  • Another take on this: A pilot friend of mine says that because planes basically fly themselves these days, for a lot of pilots a flight usually consists of take-off, autopilot /Angry Birds, and landing.