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Qosmio F750 – 1080p 3D ‘glasses free’ laptop

3D screen technology hasn’t really taken the UK by storm yet – Kitguru has a view on this and we still think we are right. Thankfully, many companies are already sharing our views, such as HTC, who have announced the EVO 3D smartphone. The latest announcement comes from Toshiba, who will be launching the 3D capable, glasses free Qosmio F750 in August.

The Qosmio F750 notebook is the ‘world’s first glasses free 3D laptop’ according to literature we received this week. It has a 15.6 inch lenticular lens screen which will send multiple images at slightly different perspectives, individually to the left and right eye of the user. Reports indicate that the viewing angles are very tight, so you need to be head on with the screen to enjoy the effect properly.

image courtesy Engadget

Cleverly, the webcam tracks eye movements, therefore adjusting the 3D display to suit. Engadget have a report which says that it works well. Although there are some issues. They say “The eye-tracking system was remarkably quick and refused to be fooled by the sharp movements and embarrassing head-bops we threw at it. However, the adjustment of the 3D effect was slower to catch up. Even a relatively small head movement caused the 3D effect to falter momentarily before settling again. However, we think the system could cope with normal movements while watching a movie, and gaming tends to have the user transfixed in a single spot anyway — and it was infinitely better than what we saw in the concept model. “

The machine can also display 2D and 3D images on screen at the same time, on the 1080p screen.

The specifications look impressive, with an Intel Core i7 processor paired up with an Nvidia GT 540M graphics card. There will be 6GB of DDR3 1333mhz installed, alongside a Bluray drive. Bluetooth and WiFi are also options. The only weakness we can see is the inclusion of a 5,400 rpm 640GB Hard drive, but perhaps there will be various options to change that.

Kitguru says: On your wish list, or not interested?

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  • thomas

    about time this happened. who the hell wants to sit with shutter glasses on?

  • bobodog

    if you received the literature could it be out of date? ASUS made this announcement too and videos of their actual glasses free laptop are on youtube already. I’m actually more thrilled about that.

    can anybody say when we should expect it? i’ve been searching and only find info saying it’s going to be q3 or q4 2011. baahh

  • Hey, actually, it looks like Toshiba IS in fact the first to launch a glasses-free 3D laptop as ASUS mentioned in their last press release their product wont’ come out until September, the soonest. Guess Toshiba beat them to it. I’m excited about this new technology for sure, we have to see how it plays out. Also, 1300 pounds sounds like a reasonable price to pay for this. I’m waiting to see how people react before getting one though.