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Apple iPad 3 will feature upgraded battery, but at a cost

The upcoming Apple iPad 3 is set to have a massively upgraded battery, but will cost Apple between 20-30% more for each unit, according to information posted on Cens.com.

Our man in Taipei, Yong Lei has been prying for information about this, but has yet to hear back anything, or even semi confirmed information from his sources. The details on Cens.com say that the battery pack for the iPad 3 will be produced on masse early next year, and has been designed to be both thinner and lighter with a longer service life than the current version in the iPad 2.

We would have expected this however, as the iPad 3 is set to have some upgrades (to graphics power and screen), which could reduce battery life. With the new upgrade we would hope that iPad 3 users will experience the same 10 hour operation time before a recharge. We aren't sure how much this will add to the overall cost of the iPad 3, but we had expected the price to rise regardless, especially with the new super high resolution screen. Perhaps $50-75 more to the end user for each tablet.

The capable iPad 2 battery - will be changed for the upcoming V3 tablet.

The news site adds “Therefore, iPad 3 battery module will call for advanced technologies, selling for a higher price to benefit Simplo and Dynapack for sure, especially when the two companies have had their battery packs pass the IEEE 1625 test as the only two battery makers in Taiwan for the moment.

Riding on increasing sales of iPad 2, institutional investors noted, both Simplo and Dynapack will see their sales revenues for the third quarter of this year surge 10-15% from a quarter earlier. With iPad 3 battery packs said to be delivered starting in the fourth quarter, the two companies are likely to record new highs in revenues for the quarter.”

Kitguru says: Hanging fire on a tablet purchase until the iPad 3? it seems a dramatic upgrade to the previous and current model.

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