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iPad 3 – smaller dock connector planned?

Late yesterday there were reports that Apple were set to release the iPad 3 as early as March, but with a smaller dock connector. This would lead to issues with a plethora of existing products. I decided to try and get confirmation from a source I have, close to Apple. …

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Apple iPad 3 will feature upgraded battery, but at a cost

The upcoming Apple iPad 3 is set to have a massively upgraded battery, but will cost Apple between 20-30% more for each unit, according to information posted on Cens.com. Our man in Taipei, Yong Lei has been prying for information about this, but has yet to hear back anything, or …

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iPad 3 set for October release?

It seems too soon for us, especially going on information from our own sources in Taipei, but rumours are still circulating that Apple may release the iPad 3, as soon as October this year. While the iPad 2 sales continue to boom, many people are waiting on the next version …

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iPad 3 2048×1536 screen resolution rumors persist

Last night I spoke with an insider in Taipei who claims that Apple are set to adopt a new high resolution screen for the upcoming iPad 3. Those people who have skipped over on the iPad 2 release will be happy to hear the latest news. Of course, I can't …

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