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iPad 3 set for October release?

It seems too soon for us, especially going on information from our own sources in Taipei, but rumours are still circulating that Apple may release the iPad 3, as soon as October this year. While the iPad 2 sales continue to boom, many people are waiting on the next version as it may very well be supplied with a super high resolution screen with a staggering 2048×1536 resolution.

While the release date is still very much open for debate, the high resolution screen rumours continue – with Digitimes and research firm IDC publishing that they both have heard the same reports.

We do question the validity of the October launch date however, because it would be a commercial disaster for Apple who are still having problems keeping up with demand for the current iPad 2. Going on figures, it looks as if Apple may ship between 12 and 14 million tablets in Q3, up from around 8 million in Q2. Demand is that high that Digitimes have reported that Apple are holding onto stocks of components to ensure a constant production this year.

While Apple are aware of the potential demand for the iPad 3, our own sources are indicating a launch in Q2 2012 and no earlier. As always Apple have not commented on release dates and no official sources have confirmed the upcoming inclusion of a high resolution panel either. Information will continue to be leaked until launch date, and as this is an Apple product, everyone will have an opinion.

Other tablet makers face a slightly different problem, not on when to release their next product to maximise sales, but more if they can get any sales at all from their current version. Apple’s dominance in this market is immense.

Kitguru says: Apple iPad 3, are you waiting for it or not?

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