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Samsung and Apple legal battle continues

Nam Ki Yung, a spokesman for Samsung, told Bloomberg that they were dropping the lawsuit against Apple to ‘streamline the legal proceedings’. The battle between Samsung and Apple isn’t over however as Samsung are going to focus their energies on other lawsuits and countersuits in other parts of the world.

Samsung are still challenging Apple in eight different courts in six countries. Apple are fighting back as they have apparently filed a motion for a preliminary injunction with the US District Court for the Northern District of California. This is based around four devices. The Galaxy Tab 10.1, The Infuse 4G, Galaxy S 4G and Droid Charge. This comes after Apple have demanded that Samsung should show prototypes of their upcoming products. Samsung then counter attacked and claimed Apple should do the same – highlighting the iPad 3 and iPhone 5. Apple have classed this as ‘harrassment’.

Samsung HQ

These events put some strain on the relationship as Apple are one of the biggest clients for Samsung, bringing around $5.5 billion of sales. Sony are also an important partner for Samsung.

Apple have issued with Samsung, saying that they are one of the key companies who copying their technology. With Samsung partnering up with Google’s Android sales are also reassuring – according to research the Galaxy S line accounted for 50 % of smartphone sales in 2010 – around 10 million. The Galaxy S2 is apparently selling 50,000 units every day.

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